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 BBC - Attenborough In Paradise...And Other Personal Voyages

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مُساهمةموضوع: BBC - Attenborough In Paradise...And Other Personal Voyages   الخميس 9 أبريل - 1:11

BBC - Attenborough In Paradise...And Other Personal Voyages



The one-off specials featured here represent some of David Attenborough's most personal quests and passionate enthusiasms. Attenborough in Paradise represents a childhood dream come true as he visits the forests of New Guinea to recort the spectacular courtship displays of the birds of paradise. A piece of amber given to him 60 years ago by a young refugee girl sparked a lifelong interest explored in The Amber Time Machine while The Lost Gods of Easter island finds him tracing the history of a strange human figurine he bought at auction. Also included is a special programme on the incredible 'artist' birds in Bowerbirds: The Art of Seduction; an investigation into the music of the wild in The Song of the Earth; an expedition to find a lost tribe in the mountains of central New Guinea in A Blank on the Map; and Life on Air, a fascinating celebration of David Attenborough's 50 years with the BBC.

Technical Specs

Video Codec: Xvid
Video Bitrate: 1437 - 1814 kbps
Video Resolution: varies
Video Aspect Ratio: varies
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio BitRate: 192 kbps @ 48 kHz
Audio Channels: 2
RunTime Per Part: 49:01 - 01:00:18
Number Of Parts: 7
Part Size: ~700 Mib
Source: PAL DVD

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BBC - Attenborough In Paradise...And Other Personal Voyages
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